Thursday, August 5, 2010

Time to Buy New Shoes

Julianna started physical therapy again today. She did excellent and cooperated very well. Julianna's left side is much weaker than her right & besides lots of strengthening exercises for both her arms & legs, we also got a temporary insert for her left shoe (we'll have to buy one for her soon...after we check out insurance stuff).

Isn't that cute? Hah! She's supposed to start out wearing a few hours a day (so she doesn't get any blisters) and work up to wearing it all day. This means her days of flip flops, crocs, & sandals are numbered. I am obviously more disappointed than she is about matching outfit, bows & shoes ego has taken a blow...haha! The insert bumps her from a size 6 shoes all the way to an 8! Since all her shoes are 6's she has to wear it right now with a hand-me-down pair of tennis shoes from her cousin Ian (which are meant for Will someday).

UGH! Definitely not girlie! The positive side of things is that I get to go shopping for new shoes for her. I love shoe shopping for her...hopefully I can find a few really cute pairs of shoes that will work with the insert.

The hope is that the insert will keep her left ankle from rolling in so badly and force the muscles in her left leg to strengthen. Once they are stronger she may not need the insert anymore, but then again she may always need an insert or orthotic shoes (hope I can find cute orthotic shoes...but the name itself makes me think not).

She also missed qualifying for therapy through our school district (once she turns 3) by a tiny little if she still needs therapy come January we'll be shopping for a physical therapist. Even with my own selfish shoe issues, we are still incredibly thankful that this is the most she has had to deal with due to her PVL.

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