Friday, August 6, 2010

Goin' Wild

My sister & I were tipped off to a free wild animal show this weekend in our hometown (thanks to her MIL!) and we decided to take the kids this afternoon. It wasn't anything fancy or extravagant, but it certainly entertained 2 toddlers & a pre-schooler.

Julianna & Ellie checking out the tiger.

The sleeping kangaroo was so cute.

Julianna loved watching the monkeys run around.

After I took the picture of the monkey, I realized there were signs all over the place about buying pictures of the animals. Oops. Anyone that knows me, knows I don't have the most inconspicuous camera (I take my Canon Rebel XT everywhere). So I quickly put it away and didn't take anymore pictures. The sad thing about putting my camera away was that I missed getting pictures of Julianna & Ian riding the ponies (Julianna's first time ever!).
It took up less than an hour of the day, but Julianna was still talking about it when she went to bed 4 hours later, so I would definitely call it a win.

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  1. Have you purchased a new lens for your camera or are you using the kit? Just curious what you have :)



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