Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cold Turkey

I'm not talking the yummy post Thanksgiving kind that makes a great sandwich. I'm talking about the method of potty training we started using today. Julianna has been in pull-ups for about 3 weeks now & they are doing nothing for her in the potty training department. So today we went cold turkey on all pull-ups & diapers.

I know, I know, everyone says to wait on potty training until she lets me know she's ready, but seriously folks, she's ready. She spent an entire day at my in-laws house & told my MIL every single time she had to go potty. But at home, she wants nothing to do with the potty. So today, I finally hit the more money will be spent on pull-ups for her. She has an entire drawer of big girl underwear she picked out on a mommy-daughter shopping trip & that is what she will wear from now on.

By now you may be wondering how today went? Am I ready to pull my hair out yet? Does Julianna have any clean underwear left? The answers are good, nope and yes. She has been diaper free since 9am this morning and has only had 2 accidents one of which she stopped and asked to go potty where she finished going peepee (the other was while I was down at the car loading some things in it to go away, so I'm not convinced she would have had that one if I was in the house). She took her nap without any problems (clarification: she had no problems...I almost had an anxiety attack worrying about her bedding) and now she is sleeping soundly, and hopefully accident free, for the night.

Honestly, I was terrified to try the cold turkey method & tried everything else I could first. I was not a fan of possibly having pee all over my house...ew! But with a few minor changes in routine & furniture there is very little opportunity for anything cloth or carpet to get wet. I am hoping the no diaper/pull-up route works for us. Please, please, PLEASE work for us!


  1. Goodluck!! I hope it works. There is a great book out there called how to potty train in a day and its says to do what your doing.

  2. Good luck. Try this too: Keep her confined to the kitchen (easy clean up floor) for the whole day. Plans lots of kitchen, art, messy activities. Load her up with salty snacks, which will make her thristy..and let her drink anything she wants. And only have her underwear one. She'll learn real quick when it's time to go and don't mess around at home!


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