Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fairs & Mohawks

Yesterday, we took Julianna to the county fair (it was free admissions before noon!). 

We thought she would love all the animals.  We were wrong.  She could have cared less about any of the animals.  Correction...she could have cared less about any of the live animals.  She LOVED the carousel horses.  Haha!  I knew we wouldn't be able to get away with not letting her ride the horsies.  She loved riding all of the other rides just as much. 

She had even more fun once her cousins got there and Ian rode with her.

Will didn't go with us, instead he enjoyed the AC with his Grandma K & cousin Mia (it was so stinkin' hot yesterday).  On a completely unrelated note (hey, it's my blog I can jump topics whenever I want), Will seems to only be growing hair on the very top of his head.  We laugh and call it his military haircut.  But the other night he told me...remember we have great conversations...he wanted to look a little more rock.  I obliged and this was the result...

He was totally rockin' a baby mohawk!  The funniest part was that I did this while it was wet and it stayed that way overnight and all day the next day!


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