Sunday, August 8, 2010

Saving Money is Yummy

I love to bake. I mean I really love to bake. I have been thinking about baking bread for months now. Homemade bread is so dee-licious! I've never done it simply because I thought it would be a lot of work. But as I read more about it, I realized it could save us a ton of money!

The type of bread we buy at the store costs $2.29 a loaf. To bake a loaf of yummy white sandwich bread at home costs about 50 cents...50 CENTS! (that's the average I got when looking at lots of stats) That's a difference of $1.79 a loaf. We buy 2 loaves a week, by baking 2 loaves a week we'll save $3.58 a week. That's $14.32 a month and $171.84 a year!

That made up my mind to start baking our own bread. Seriously, who wouldn't want to save almost $200 a year and be eating much yummier bread?? So, I searched & searched for an easy non-bread maker recipe. After weeks of searching (really, it was weeks) I found an easy 6 ingredient recipe that would require less than 30 minutes of me actually doing anything (but 2 hours still for rising). And this afternoon, I made my first loaves of homemade bread.

Don't they look yummy! Unfortunately, they look yummier than they actually are...hah! They're not bad, but I think I wrote down the wrong salt measurement because they seem a little salty. I tried to check the website I got the recipe from & it's gone! Since Friday, it has ceased to exist...crud. So I'll be tweaking this recipe myself and hopefully I can get it less salty. I plan to try a bunch of different recipes until I find one I really like. I'd also like to try some with wheat flour.
Anyone have a good bread recipe you'd be willing to share?


  1. I will add that any bread machine recipe can easily be made with out the bread machine. I have a good recipe but not sure it would be good for sandwiches.

  2. You can buy frozen bread dough in the freezer section that just has be thawed & baked - it's like $2.50(ish) for 3 loaves (namebrand -rhodes)... saves the time of doing it completely from scratch & it always comes out the way you want it to & almost as cheap!


  3. Love baking bread as well, can you share the webiste where you got the recipe?


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