Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I was waiting to post trick-or-treat pictures until after Thursday when we were supposed to go to my parents for a second round of trick-or-treating, but my mom is pretty sick right now, so I...I mean Julianna...will have to deal with just one days worth of candy. We went trick-or-treating with Joe's whole family on Sunday.

Sumo wrestler: Jenna, Star Wars guy: Jeremy, Baby skeleton: Mia, Zombie girl: Kayla, SWAT: Nick (Jer's friend), Flamenco dancer: Marissa
(Julianna was refusing to be in the picture)
Since the houses by Joe's parents are a little spread out, we ride on a trailer. Much better than walking.
Julianna and the kids got to get candy from our friend Jeff who was working that day.
Julianna did not want to share any of her goodies with Mia.
Daddy did most of the walking up to houses.

By the end of the afternoon, Julianna was getting the hang of trick-or-treating. She would pick out a piece of candy and then put it in her pumpkin bucket. As soon as she got back on the trailer, she would try to eat the candy...wrapper and all. She was such a tired girl by night time that she slept in her big girl bed ALL night. Yay!

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