Friday, October 23, 2009

Bed Time Blues

We have been trying to transition Julianna into her big girl bed this week. We debated getting her a toddler bed, but decided it made more sense to just get her a twin bed right away. Our goal, and by "our goal" I mean "my goal", is to have her out of the crib by Christmas (I wanted Thanksgiving, but realized Christmas is more realistic). I am determined to have the nursery all set up by New Year's. So how is the transition going?

Sunday Night: Put Julianna to bed in her bed at 8pm, and she fell right asleep...SCORE! I went to bed at 10pm and at 10:15pm had Joe go put her in her crib...FAIL! I couldn't do it. I worked myself up thinking about what if she tried to stand up on her bed like she does in her crib and fell.

Monday Night: Joe wasn't home and I knew I couldn't do it alone, but I tried anyway. I layed Julianna in her bed at 7:30pm and in 30 seconds she was screaming. I caved and just put her in her crib. 30 seconds later she was screaming. After getting her calmed down and laying in bed with her for a few minutes, I decided to just put her in her crib for the night...FAIL!

Tuesday Night: Joe took Julianna up to bed at 8pm and layed down with her for a few minutes. He came back downstairs and she fell asleep on her own...SCORE! I managed to leave her in the bed when I went to bed, but I didn't sleep. Every noise she made I worried she was going to make it to the end of the bed and find the 1 foot of space where there wasn't a rail. I eventually fell kind of asleep, only to awaken at 1:30 to Julianna having a night terror (something new to her and kind of scary to us at first). After an hour of her not wanting me to leave her alone, Joe came in and took over. He managed to get her back to sleep sometime around 3:30 and put her in her crib so we could all get some sleep...FAIL!

Wednesday Night: We didn't have the energy to even try the bed...FAIL!

Thursday Night: Pretty much a repeat of Monday. Bed...crying...crib...crying...finally asleep...crib...FAIL!

Tonight: I didn't even try her bed, I am such a loser. I just didn't feel like dealing with it. I was so tired, so I put her in her crib and listened to her talk and sing to herself for a bit until she fell asleep...FAIL!

So how is her transition going? I would say all in all not horrible. We did manage to get her to fall asleep on her own in her bed a few times, unfortunately, it just didn't last a whole night. Tomorrow night, she'll be staying at Grandma and Grandpa K's, so we'll try again on Sunday...hopefully this time it will work!


  1. Here is an idea... Take it all with a grain of salt. You can take the mattress off the frame. Put the frame away for now. This way if for some reason she does fall out she is not going to hurt herself. Lizzie transitioned on her own a month or so after she turned two. She woke up one night screaming and never slept in her crib again. She started out sleeping half on half off the bed for a month or more before she crawled fully onto the bed. It was another 6-8 months before she let us cover her with a blanket of any kind and it was only this summer that we bought her a frame for her bed. Since our kids are only 19.5 months apart we did end up buying another crib. If we where closer or I had family coming this way I would send Lizzie's nice crib(we had to buy a new one due to a recall and she only slept in it a month...grrr). Honestly though if my mom and dad come up(they will before spring I am sure) I would send it back down with them for free mattress and all.

  2. Good Luck!!! Lauryn and Julianna are days apart in age (Lauryn Jan 23rd) and we moved her crib to the daybed toddler bed at 14 took her a week or so to get used to it....she still falls out of it on occassion but typically just get back into bed and goes back to sleep. Recently we moved her and Andrew into the same room to make room for the twins....Andrew has a twin bed like Julianna EVER SINCE they moved in together Andrew sleeps in Lauryns Day Bed and LAURYN SLEEPS IN ANDREWS TWIN BED!!!!! She has never fallen out of that bed....only the toddler daybed... I do think that it is harder for us mom's because we have soo much to worry about!!! I think that she will do great by christmas!!!! (BTW this is MELISSA from Mommy and Me)


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