Monday, October 5, 2009

Exponentially Greater

So I remember reading about "pregnancy brain" when I first got pregnant with Julianna, and I thought it was ridiculous. Well, it didn't take me long to realize it is SOOOO real! I had some pretty good moments of pregnancy brain with Julianna's pregnancy, but I think it is exponentially greater with subsequent pregnancies.

I forget things on a daily basis, correction-I can forget things on a minute to minute basis. I will run upstairs to grab something, and by the time I get to our room, I have forgotten what I went upstairs for. Joe will call me from work and ask me to do something, and then I'll have to call him back later to ask what it was.

I eventually remember things, just not when it's convenient. Like last weekend we went to my sister's for Ellie's birthday party and as we pulled into her driveway I remembered we were supposed to bring lawn chairs. Or like last week, I went to the campground to get a few things from the camper and pick up a paycheck, and once I got to the bank 20 minutes later, I realized I forgot to get the paycheck.

I am just hoping things don't get much worse than my worst case of pregnancy brain last time, which resulted in this:

Oh yeah, I totally over-estimated a turn while backing out of the garage one morning, and used the side of our garage to pull the bumper off our then new Trailblazer. Needless to say, that case of pregnancy brain then led to a severe case of pregnancy emotional breakdown and finally resulted in Joe having to leave work a little early, me going into work a little late and about $2000 in repairs to our car.

So even though everyday pregnancy brain is much worse, I keep hoping and praying it doesn't translate into another garage/car mangling experience (on the bright side, I don't park in the garage at our new house).


  1. Wait the forgetfulness stops when your not pregnant any more?? Well crap then what is my excuse? Seriously I forget things a lot and I was not like that before kids and the other thing I kept from the supposed pregnancy only list is a very strong sense of smell which got worse after Matt not better and one of my feet is not the same side as the other. :p

    Thanks for the recipe(because if I don't thank you now I will forget).

  2. Oh so sorry Lindsay. I have done that recently, and you just beat yourself up about it! Things happen! Don't be so hard on yourself!

  3. i remember you calling me the morning that you tore the bumper off... i was going to go get you and take you to school. i can't remember why we didn't go with that option. memories :)


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