Thursday, October 29, 2009

Apple Core...Baltimore...

So yesterday I mentioned that we have some big trees in our backyard, well we have an enormous oak tree in our front yard. It is right beside our driveway next to our neighbor's fence. These days it's obviously dropping a leaf or two...or bazillion!

This is what I found when I tried to get in my car today!

The neighbors to our north are an older couple, who have been less than neighborly to us since we bought the house. We wave and say hello, in return, they turn away. At 6:00 in the morning, he is outside working on his old car (that apparently needs a new exhaust) and wakes up Julianna. After we mow our yard, they come out and sweep their driveway, even though we are very careful not to blow grass on it. Since we have owned the house (which is 6 months) they are the only neighbors we have never even talked to.
Well, our giant oak tree seems to be the latest battle in our little feud. Before I go into recent events, I need to make it known that there are no branches in the north side of our tree...none. Before we bought the house, they cut off every limb, branch and twig that crossed the property line. So our gorgeous oak tree is really only half a gorgeous oak tree.
For some reason silently feuding over a tree and it's leaves reminds me of Donald Duck and Chip and Dale. They of course are grumpy Donald and Joe and I are the ornery Chip and Dale. I have seen her outside sweeping leaves off of their driveway and mumbling under her breath. Joe actually said hi to her the other day while she was sweeping and I think she grunted and turned away.
Today I could hear them outside doing more mindless yard work (they seriously sweep their driveway at least twice a day). When I went outside all the leaves that had fallen in their yard from our tree had been raked up and dumped into our side yard. Seriously?!?! I mean, who does that? Is it really necessary to give us back the leaves that the wind blew into your yard? I really want to go out tonight and spread them (along with a few others) all over their driveway. But I am a bigger person than that, and will just deal with their rudeness.
But we all know who wins in the end of every Chip and Dale/Donald Duck cartoon...
Apple core
Who's your friend?
*Sorry for the giant run on paragraph...blogger wouldn't let me space paragraphs tonight.

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  1. Kill them with kindness.. We have a grumpy old man who is 2 doors over thankfully. He would drive us crazy if he lived right next door. I snorted a little though at the thought of you going outside and dumping leaves back on thier side! Reminds me a little of the night this summer when our high school neighbor was setting fire crackers off at midnight weeks after the 4th. I went outside and stood there till he saw me. He kind of jumped went over to his truck pretended to do something and then went back into the house. No more firecrackers after that and I never said a word I just stood there in my pink pj's looking a bit annoyed at 12 in the morning! :p


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