Monday, October 19, 2009

October 18, 2009

We took Julianna back to the same pumpkin patch as last year this weekend. But this time she got to do so much more than just sit with the pumpkins. We went with my parents and my sister's family. It was a really fun day despite the weather that seemed to get colder and colder as the day went on.

Julianna was not ok with riding the barrel train with Ian.
So Ian got to ride all by himself...
And daddy stepped up and rode with her.
Then of course Jason had to ride with Ellie (unfortunately for the guys, the barrels were just a little on the small side and both had trouble getting out with their legs asleep).
Julianna's favorite part was definitely checking out the animals in the petting zoo with Grandma H (her hood wouldn't stay up so my mom put her scarf on Julianna, we teased she looked like a little old Hungarian woman).
One of the goats.
Ellie liked the animals too.
Julianna also had to play on the kiddie slide.
She liked sitting with daddy on the hayride.
We took the kids through the children's corn maze.
Our little "burrito" in the corn maze.
Still in the corn maze.

She may not be a whole lot taller than last year, but she sure seems bigger!
She loved to sit and look at the pumpkins.

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