Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pharmacy Trouble

UGH! Very few things really tick me off, but mess with my kid, even the one still in my uterus(which is now classified as a fetus...yay!), and I will get angry.

My OB prescribed me a prenatal with DHA in it, because some new research shows that taking a DHA supplement can reduce your risks of pre-term labor. I have been taking it for a little over a month (I missed a few nights due to severe nausea and a bad gag reflex), and just this week needed to call and refill my prescription.

When I first got the prescription filled, I read all the stuff the pharmacy gave me, including all the little stickers on the bottle that tell you any restrictions. I do this with any prescription, but really read about my vitamins, because the ones I took while pregnant with Julianna had crazy restrictions on when I could take them and with what. My new ones had no restrictions and I was really happy about that. I have been taking my prenatal at night right before I go to bed, it works out because it's easy to remember since that's when I do my progesterone therapy. get everything over at the same time each day.

I pulled my new bottle of prenatals out of the bag today and just happened to glance at the little printed brochure, it had restrictions the last didn't. So I looked at the bottle itself, and it too had more little stickers of restrictions on it than last month's. The new restrictions stated I had to take it at least one hour before eating or 2-3 hours after eating. I usually have a snack before bed...strike one. It also said I was to drink at least 8oz of water when I take it. I usually drink just enough to get it down, I don't want to be up all night peeing (anyone who's ever been pregnant understands this one!)...strike two. And finally it also said not to take it at night or at least 30 minutes before lying down...strike three.

I wondered what were the consequences if you didn't following these instructions, so I looked to the internet. Oh yeah, basically you don't absorb the vitamins if you have food in your stomach, the pill won't dissolve correctly without the water, and it can cause nauseousness if taken at night. So Baby K has not been getting all the vitamins he/she should have for the last month! I haven't been getting all the DHA to help keep away pre-term labor (not that it's a big deal just yet). And taking it at night probably contributed to my nausea.

I was really ticked when I read that this baby probably wasn't getting all the nutrients he/she needed! I wrote a pretty nasty e-mail to the pharmacy I use(it's a national chain), and am planning on going to the pharmacy to question why the restrictions weren't on my first bottle. That's a whole month of Baby K missing out on important vitamins!

Seriously, don't mess with my kids!

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