Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How to Successfully Do the Dishes With a Toddler

In my attempt to become more "green" I have switched a lot of my cleaning supplies to ones made of plants (rather than chemicals). This includes my dish soap. I now use Green Works dish soap (in a very very pleasant water lily scent-seriously, the best smelling dish soap ever!). The best thing about this dish soap, it makes AMAZING bubbles!

Now when I do dishes, instead of a crying toddler pulling at my pant leg, I just give her a bowl of these awesome suds.
Julianna has a blast playing in the bubbles! And I can successfully do all of the dishes without any crying or whining now!
*I really wish I could find my camera cord, using only cell phone pics is killing me!


  1. Good heavens she is adorable! I have been thinking about trying that stuff. Do they make one for washing the floors as well? I need to look when I am at the store this weekend. Is Julianna feeling better?

  2. I, like you, have switched almost all of my products. Including laundry...Julianna is adorable as usual!


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