Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hillbilly Friday Night

This past Friday night, Joe arranged for his mom & dad to watch Julianna so we could have a night out. He chose the activity...Truck Night at Yankee Lake. It was actually pretty fun. Anyone with a truck(or car-we saw a Chrysler 300 on the track!) and a lack of common sense can participate. There are mud pits to drive through...a homemade swamp to drive through...miles of off-road trails...a giant rock hill to climb (in your truck)...truck tug-o-war...and a bunch of hills and stuff to drive over. Joe bought a "pit pass" for $5 and got to ride in the bed a of a friend's truck though some of the stuff...he was a little muddy when he was done.

But the best part of the night...the "Party Shuttle"

It's a school bus turned monster truck, and oh yeah, we got to pay a $1 to ride in it over some of the course and through the mud pits(it was totally pregnant person safe for those of you wondering). My sister-in-law took a video of it going over one of the hills.

*Thanks to Steph for the picture and video!

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