Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yay for Slackers!!!

I logged into my blogger account just now for the first time in almost two weeks. I was expecting to read up on all my friends and their exciting lives, but to my surprise of all the blogs I am a follower of, not one had posted in the last week!! It gave me such a rush of joy I could barely contain myself! It was as if the blogging world (at least my blogging world) had stood still for me. It knew I wasn't able to get online, and waited so I wouldn't feel like such a slacker all by myself. Thank you to everyone out there who was a slacker over the past week and hasn't posted to their blog! You make me feel much better about my current blog posts (or rather, lack there of).


  1. So after reading your post I had to go check my blog(not that you check it just made me think)and sure enough it had been a week so I posted. There I feel better now! :p

  2. Hey Girl...I would love to say I slacked just for you...but unfortunately, I am just a slacker period!!! I thought being a SAHM meant I would have more time...what the heck??!! Miss visiting with you and Julianna....OT was changed to Mondays so no more walking in the party, but hope to make it to a couple Thursday playdates.


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