Monday, August 31, 2009

Chunking Up

Julianna went to Dr. M's today for a weigh-in. It has been 6 weeks since her 18 mos check-up when Dr. M said she was concerned for Julianna's lack of weight gain (actually she had been losing). Since then we have been adding extra calories to her meals on both Dr. M's and the dietitian from Eastgate's advice. We were actually told that most toddlers her age need 1000 calories a day, but we were supposed to try to give her 1500 a day!

So how have those extra calories affected her weight? She gained exactly 1 pound in the last 6 weeks! Actually that's the only weight she's really gained since January! (She also grew 1/2 in in those 6wks!)

So we are very excited that she is finally making her way back up the chart. She had fallen all the way to the 6th percentile for weight, but is now up to the 9th percentile. Way to go Julianna! Keep up the weight gain!

She also got her flu shot. They said they are starting to give them early this year due to the prediction of a bad flu season. Great.


  1. Yeah Julianna! Way to go. :) I am so not looking forward to the flu season this year. :(

  2. That's great news Julianna...keep adding on the weight. I'll be interested to see about Charlie, but he's only gained about 14 ounces since January himself. I've been asking for the flu shot as well and my office keeps saying they don't know when they will be getting it! Charlie's doc was fearing giving it to him too early and wearing off. What did your doc say?


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