Monday, August 17, 2009

Quick Update

After a loooooooooong stretch of having no internet access and several days having internet, but being held captive in the basement to use it, I am finally able to sit in my comfy chair and check e-mail, update my blog, and check out Facebook.

You may be wondering what I have been up to during my internet absence. Well here's a quick update on all things Lindsay, Joe & Julianna:

*Julianna is doing fabulously, but what else would you expect from such a wonder child?!? She enjoyed her first time on a slip-n-slide (well, it was on a hill and she used it more like a waterslide). She finished up her swim lessons last week, and is now a lover of water, but that doesn't surprise us. She even jumps off the side of the pool and will go under water (I hold her hands of course!) She also sees a speech therapist this week to evaluate her and a dietitian next week to help out with her weight gain.

*Joe has had the last few days off and we have managed to finish moving out of our apt (all except our bed-too big for me to help), get all our rooms in the house painted and new baseboards in the bedrooms. We get carpet installed in the bedrooms Wednesday. We have stayed 2 nights in our house(on an air mattress thanks to our bed not being moved yet). But as of Wednesday night, we will be sleeping on our big comfy bed again!

*Me, well I haven't been up to much. Just spending time with Julianna and Joe and trying to stay cool in this very hot weather.

I have plenty more to write about, but now that I have internet access I can post it whenever I want. Yay!

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