Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Say Ah...Ew...Oh

Julianna had her speech evaluation today and passed with almost flying colors. She tested in the 15 month old range...which is great since she is just now 16 months adjusted. So she isn't too far behind.

Here are some of the markers she met:
*She has a vocabulary of about 8 or 9 words
*She can follow one step directions
*She can identify at least 3 objects by name (if I say ball, she'll get the ball)
*She can imitate sounds and their inflections/tones
*She "talks" at appropriate times (babbles when looking at books, sings to music, has "conversations")

The only major thing she didn't do was initiate social games...like pat-a-cake. She'll play if I start it, but she doesn't initiate them. There were a few other things she didn't have mastered, but was showing signs of improvement. Her evaluation went so well, that she was not recommended for speech therapy! Yay! I was given activities for Joe and I to do to bridge her small language gap, but overall she is doing fine, but I knew she was a genius anyway ( I may be a little biased).

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