Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Friends of Maddie

Back in April, I wrote about Maddie, a little girl (17 mos old) from California who had been a 28 week preemie. Sadly, when I wrote about her it was because she had very unexpectedly died.
Sweet Maddie

Her story evoked an amazing response from the internet world. Heather's (her mom) blog crashed due to high traffic, Team Maddie (March for Babies) raised $60,000, and people from all over the world sent their heartfelt well wishes, gifts and money.

Recently, Heather has made 2 exciting announcements on her blog. The first is that from the incredible support they received, her parents have decided to use some of the money to form the non-profit organization Friends of Maddie.

This organization is to help support families going through the NICU experience. For a $25 donation you will help give a family a tote bag filled with supplies to make their NICU stay slightly less stressful. Their goal is to eventually get bags in every NICU in the country. Please consider visiting their website and making a donation!!

The second big announcement that was made was that shortly after Maddie died, they found out Heather was pregnant. This is such an awesome event for them, and she is working VERY hard to avoid the problems she encountered with Maddie's pregnancy. It is also extremely sad, since Binky (the name the baby has been given so far) will not know his/her big sister. I wish Heather and Mike all the best an that she has a blessedly uneventful pregnancy and can avoid another NICU stay!!

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