Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Julianna's New Teacher

Last Wednesday, Julianna got to meet her new teacher from Eastgate. We had applied to Eastgate in May and didn't think we would hear from them for quite awhile. But we were excited to get a call about 2 weeks ago, saying she had been accepted. Her PVL (due to prematurity) qualified her for the school.

Regina, her teacher, came out to the apartment and did a routine interview. That was just a questions and answer session about her daily routine, things she likes, things she dislikes, and about her development. She'll come out again next week to do a more in-depth assessment of Julianna's needs (although she said she probably won't recommend her for any therapies right now since she is doing so well). And then in January, she will hopefully start toddler classes at the school.

We are so excited that Julianna was accepted to Eastgate. Right now we aren't really concerned about anything, but wanted to make sure we stay on top of things in case any she has any difficulties later on. By her attending Eastgate, we know there is a whole team of people there to help catch any problems should they arise. It is a nice bit of piece of mind.

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