Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Strolling in the Park

Our mom's group is in full swing!! We have been meeting since the middle of May and have such great turn outs now. It has taken off so much faster than I (or I think Mallory even) anticipated! We have kids from just a few weeks old all the way up to 3 yrs old. Every Monday during the summer we decided to meet at a park to walk and then have a picnic lunch and finally let the kids play on the playground. This has been really successful. I know I really look forward to getting to talk with other moms and let Julianna "socialize" with other kids. Yesterday, we had quite a few moms and kids come and I took some pictures.

Julianna filled Ellie's stroller with mulch.
She is walking so well!!!
Danielle & Alleigh-Alleigh runs around & is so good at sliding!
Morgan is a little thing, but such a cutie!
Ellie is always all smiles
Braxton had a blast!
Ian was so happy to not be the only "big kid". Jayden and he had a lot of fun playing together.
Leah even got in on the picnic lunch, but everything was so interesting she didn't want to eat.
AJ enjoyed relaxing.


  1. Thanks so much for introducing me to this mommy group. I had such a great time walking w/ everyone and getting to meet the moms and there kids. The boys had fun playing as well. You took some really great pictures!!

  2. Love the kiddos pictures. We sure do have adorable babies in the group!! Thanks for inviting me to join...it feels great to get out and visit with other moms. I hope to be able to do more...I gain confidence each time I get out!!


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