Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm Still Here!

So it has been weeks since I've been online...ok, I lied...it's been like one week...but it feels like weeks! We have been staying at our "super-duper" camper for almost a month now and although it is filled with modern conveniences (satelite tv...now that's camping...haha!) it lacks the one thing that would make it truly awesome...the internet.

I swear I have been going through withdrawl. I am, as my husband calls me, an internet junkie. I have no problem admitting my problem. I love to check my e-mail, get on facebook, search Craigslist, read blogs, and post to my own. I can handle the lack of online contact most of the day, but when Julianna takes her nap or goes to bed, and I have cleaned the camper (which doesn't take long), I sit down and think about all of the things I could be doing online instead of watching baby shows on TV (I know...another ridiculous addiction...it started when I was pregnant with Julianna).

What good deals am I missing out on? Who has e-mailed me or posted to facebook and is now thinking that since I didn't respond in the last 12 hours that I don't like them anymore? I mean this lack of internet could totally cost me friends. People will begin to write me off as lost to the great unknown. DON'T DO THAT! I'M STILL HERE! I may not be here frequently *sigh* but I will be here. Please bear with me during my time of internet loss and someday I will be an internet junkie again.


  1. This is hilarious, and actually made me laugh out loud...but don't worry I don't think you dislike me when you don't reply asap :P ((Actually, come to think of it, you get back to me pretty quickly...I must always message you on the days you're near a computer))

  2. I had been wondering why your blog had been so quite. :p Glad to know I am not the only internet junkie out there. I just caught up on all your post. I bet your excited about your house. Sounds like the move in date may hold this time.

  3. I will still be your friend even if it takes weeks to respond!!! Gosh, I am awful at timely responses and hope no one defriends me because of it. :)


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