Tuesday, July 14, 2009


For the past few weeks we have had some relatives from Hungary visiting. Misi and his wife Augi and his two girls Zita and Helga (Helga is the only name I may have spelled right). Helga is my age and way back in the 80's (I know that was so long ago) Misi (pronounced Meeshee) came to visit and said that I looked like Helga...not so much anymore.

Anyway, we had a big picnic this past Sunday to get the family together. It was very nice to hang out. Unfortunately, my grandpa(Opa) is the only one of any of us that speaks Hungarian, so there wasn't a lot of conversing with Misi, Augi, Zita, or Helga. If I have this right, Misi is my dad's first cousin (my grandpa is his uncle). Augi is his wife, and Zita and Helga are Misi's girls (not sure what # cousin that makes them to me). I am always glad to meet our family from Hungary or Germany. Not many people have first cousins that live in other countries.

Well, here's some pictures from the picnic.

Ian, Erin, Julianna & Oma(my grandma)
Julianna & Oma

Augi & Helga playing cornhole

Julianna, me, Oma & my Mom
My cousin Katie fooled everyone with her glasses.
Ian & my dad

My mom, Julianna & Zita. Zita has two little kids back in Hungary.
Misi, Opa & Augi
There were so many cameras you inevitably got at least one pic of someone taking a picture.
Don't they look excited
The whole family(well most of us-those of you who know my family know its REALLY big)
Thank you to Stephen! I stole some pictures from him to post here.

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