Thursday, September 16, 2010


Julianna can say the most unusual and seriously funny things.  So today, it's all about my toddler's talk...and I'm totally writing it just how it sounds, so good luck reading it!

I wanna go inna da house.  I put it inna da tawset.  William (oh yes, she calls him William) go inna his tarseat.

Oh mommy you so siyee.  You mate me laugh youd youd youd.

I tolor with my chotolate chip crayon.

I a bid girl.  No more do do Dora's.

Mommy you hair is metty metty metty. (gotta love the honesty)

I hummy...please I have em ems? (a no from mommy) Please I have chotolate chip? (another no from mommy) Please I have sayad? (seriously, her next question...a big YES from mommy!)

I love my little girl and I love how well she is communicating now!  She has exceded her age vocabulary wise, but we're still working on clarity.  She's such a talker!


  1. I love toddler speak!!!! I miss talking with ya more!! Hope all is well and love reading about how julianna talk SO ADORABLE!!! BTW I had some em ems tonight and they were yummy...Julianna may have been jealous!

  2. So cute! Gotta love toddler talk!

  3. Those are so darn cute!!! inna the twset - was the best.


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