Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who Needs Toys?

The other day Julianna had the most fun playing with a napkin from Wendy's. Seriously, she played with it forever (like 20 minutes, but to a kid that's forever!). She carried it around, she waved it in the air, eventually she tried to eat it, but she ignored all her toys while playing with it.
Then, Monday the trend of playing with non-toys continued. First, I found her on the couch like this (ignore her outfit, she had already been changed twice due to insufficient diapers, so I wasn't about to put anything else nice on her).
What's that she playing with? Oh yeah, it's totally her sock. See barefoot below.
I left her to play with her sock and came back a little bit later to find her playing with these.
They are shirts for our March for Babies team (some of our team couldn't make it at the last minute). She played with these for quite awhile.Then, after dinner, I cleaned her up, unbuckled her and went to pick her up, but she refused. Instead she sat in her seat for 15 minutes just playing with the buckles.
It was thrilling to her. To try to hook the buckle, to look at all its parts, and to just be sitting in her seat like a 'big girl' (aka no tray).
Not once all day did she play with any of her toys. She instead played with random objects(she's also partial to our whisk). Whatever makes her happy!

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  1. Too funny, but it's so true! Thanks for sharing. Good to see you last night. We definitely need to get all the babies together! We'll have our own NICU reunion!


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