Thursday, May 28, 2009

So Long For Now

This will be my last post for almost 2 weeks, since I will be without internet access for awhile, so I thought I would just share some more pictures of Julianna from Memorial Day. After the parade, she and I went over to my parents and got to play outside and have dinner with them. Julianna loved that she can now climb up their little playhouse/slide.
Up close & personal
Why do kids insist on going up the slide?
Hanging out
Still trying to get up the slide
Finally! Using the stairs! Look out Ian!
Stairs are over-rated I guess.
Fore! Look out for her swing!
I believe she had just found a bug...ick! But she looks so sweet.
I'll write again once I have internet. Until then, have a great week(s).

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