Monday, May 25, 2009

Picture Monday-Memorial Day 2009

Julianna attended her second Memorial Day parade in my hometown today...only this year she wasn't wearing sound blocking earmuffs to keep out the loud sirens.
I'm ready, where's the parade?
She was so quiet most of the time, and just sat on our blanket.
We sat at my friend Jenny's parents' house.
There were LOTS of firetrucks, but none were yellow.
I remember marching in this parade, spinning my flag (but the uniforms back then were much better! Haha!)
Jenny & her fiance Brian
Julianna loved the horses.
She couldn't take her eyes off them.
Check out the loot (combined from everyone of course)!
She didn't try to eat a single piece! I saved a sucker or two for her though.


  1. She looks adorable in her Red White and Blue! Great pictures!

  2. Gosh...she just looks adorable! It looks like you had an awesome day. We spent the babies' first official Memorial Day at home...sick!!! Yes, we all are sick!!! Last year, the babies (in belly) made me almost passout at the services....maybe this is our tradition!!


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