Monday, May 18, 2009

Surprising Effects of Not Being Allowed to Buy Beer

Today, Joe and a friend of ours were going to tile the bathroom floor in our new house. Unfortunately, since we aren't living there yet, we don't have much to offer guests other than dusty bottles of air temperature water. So Joe asked me to run and get some beer for him and our friend. Not a problem.

I jumped in the car and headed to the gas station down the street. I went in, picked up a six pack of our friend's preferred beer, and proceeded to the cash register. That is where the following conversation occurred.

Chick behind the counter: Can I see your ID?

Me: Oh crap, I forgot it!

Chick: I'm sorry then you can't get the beer.

Me (in my head): Are you freaking kidding?!?!

Me (out loud): Seriously? I have to put the beer back?

Chick: Yeah.

Me (in my head): Hey stupid girl, just sell me the beer!

Me (out loud): I'm going to be 30 next week, can't I just get the beer?

Chick: Sorry, I don't think you look 30, so I can't sell it to you.

Me (in my head): I freaking love this girl...she rocks!

Me (out loud):Oh...ok, I'll go put the beer back.

It's amazing how quickly some chick who won't sell you beer without your ID can make your day.


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