Monday, April 19, 2010


Update on my little man:
~His art line (arterial line) was taken out today, no more hourly labs.
~He was taken off his milrinone (IV heart med) and has been holding his own!
~He was taken off his nipride (IV blood pressure med)
~He is now on captopril (oral blood pressure med)
~He is also now on an oral diuretic to keep his fluids down
~He is attempting to breastfeed
~He is consistently taking 40-45cc's of milk at his bottle feedings
~He still has his central line (IV) but it will be removed this evening
~The only wires/tubes he has left are for his heart monitor & pulse-ox
~He should be moving to the NICU tomorrow!!!
~Once he is eating enough he will come home!!!!!!

Update on my girlie:
~She still has a nasty cough, but her breathing is much better
~She once again dislikes mommy & daddy for leaving her
~She thoroughly enjoyed her "vacation" at the RMH
~She was spoiled rotten by Grandma H this past weekend

Update on mommy & daddy:
~Joe is going back to work tomorrow. I think he's actually excited
~I am still chillin' at the RMH until Will comes home

*Please disregard any mispellings concerning Will's meds or medical treatments, I am totally guessing on most of them.

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  1. I LOVE this update!!! I cannot wait til you are all home and enjoying life as a family in your home!!! Will is such a Miracle!!! And the cutest little boy!!! He is eating GREAT!!! hope he continues to do fantastic and eat enough!!!

    he is gonna be home sooo soon!!! I cannot wait to meet him and get him together with the girls!!



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