Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Update on the Kiddos

Quick update on the kiddos...

Will had a PICC line put in today so they can remove the last umbilical line and the peripheral lines in his left hand and left foot. Sadly, it took the PICC nurse 4 tries to get the line (she tried each leg and his left arm before getting it in his right arm) and Will was not a happy camper. With this PICC line in he won't need any other IV's for awhile and they will be able to draw blood from it for labs, so no sticking of his heels. The PICC line took the place of 3 other lines, but he still has 5 leads (for monitoring his heart), a pulse-ox on his right hand and one on his left foot, and his NG tube. We have a "wired" baby.

Tomorrow, Will will probably be transferred to the NICU until his surgery next week. This is a big deal from what the nurses have told me. They only send cardiac babies to the NICU when they are extremely stable. I am really excited he is doing so well, but am kind of sad we won't be in the PICU anymore. I really like the nurses Will has had, and we have been spoiled by the really big private room that we could stay in if we want to. In the NICU he will share a "pod" with 6-12 other babies and we won't be able to stay with him. After his surgery next week though, he will be sent back to the PICU until he's stable again.

He started bottle feeding last night and has taken about half of a few bottles and today I was allowed to try nursing him. Unfortunately, he was so tired from dealing with getting his PICC line he fell asleep almost as soon as I started holding him and didn't even try to nurse. I'll get to try again tomorrow. I would love to get him nursing so when he comes home I won't have to pump.

Dr. M (our pediatrician) stopped in to see Will today. She was at AC's for a lecture and came to see how he was doing. We have really liked Dr M, but today she showed just how great she is. She sat and talked with me for almost 40 minutes about Will and Julianna. Most pediatricians wouldn't make that kind of effort. I'm really glad she was recommended to us.

Poor Miss Julianna is sick right now. She started with a runny nose and it has progressed to a nasty cough. It's making it very hard for her to get any sleep. Joe is going to take her to see Dr M tomorrow. We want to get her healthy as soon as possible for when Will comes home. It is also hard to not cuddle with her to comfort her, but we decided daddy would take care of her so I can (hopefully) stay germ free and can take care of Will as much as I can.

So right now we are hoping both our kiddos get better soon!

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