Sunday, July 15, 2012

Special Nights Out with the Kiddos

Joe & I have been trying to do more fun things with the kiddos this summer, especially since last summer was such a bust due to my surgery.  So Friday night, Joe took Will to a local truck night.  Will loves big trucks, but even more Will loves tractors and it was lawn tractor tractor pulls.  Needless to say Will had a blast.

Yesterday we took Julianna to the cerebral palsy picnic & minor league baseball game afterwards that's sponsored by the children's hospital where her doctor is.  Erin & Jason went as well and took all 3 of their kids.  The kids all enjoyed playing kiddie carnival games, making crafts & posing in character pictures.





We also stood in line forever because the kids wanted their faces painted...I think it was worth it...look how cute they turned out!

Julianna wanted a butterfly.

 Erin's kids were all tigers.

They all enjoyed the baseball game too.  Julianna had been asking for months when the carnival & baseball game at her "special doctor's" she's asking when the next one is.  Haha!

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