Friday, July 20, 2012

New Chemo...Again

After weeks of waiting, I finally have a new treatment plan.  If you hadn't heard yet, my previous chemo had stopped working.  I currently have 7 new lumps that I can actually feel.  My back pain has also returned.  I spent an entire weekend on a morphine pump in order to get the pain under controls and I am again on pretty good size doses of it to keep the pain under control.  So despite my last scan showing such great results things have progressed and very quickly.

Starting next week I will begin a new chemo regimen.  I will be getting topotecan and ifosfimide.  They are both drugs that I haven't had before.  I'm a little nervous just because I'm not sure what to expect as far as side effects go.  But Dr G is optimistic about this combo.  I will have chemo 3 days in a row every 3 weeks.  Prayers are still going up that I can kick the cancer's booty and I have no doubt that I will.

One change I have made to hopefully help reach that goal, is a big change in my diet (well it was a big change) 2 weeks ago, I decided to become a vegetarian.  I was doing really well too ( a few bites of chicken at a wedding...I RSVP'd before changing my diet, and a hot dog at a baseball do you resist that?).  Joe & the kids (well the kids had no choice) decided to make the change with me.  After talking with Dr G (who is apparently very anti-vegetarian)a new decision was made based on me & my actual nutritional needs.  I am going to eat meat occasionally (maybe 1 or 2 times a week), but will continue making the switch to all whole foods.  If you want to follow my journey as far as food goes you can read about it at my other "old" blog, Spoons, Spades & Stitches.

I am really hoping that this new chemo will help me kick the back pain quickly and get me off the pain meds (no driving privileges again) so I can get back to normal.

Julianna and I at the CP picnic and baseball game.


  1. Hi Lindsay! You look beautiful in the pic with Julianna & it's so nice to see smile on your face. Myself, my family, and my Team at Aultman are constantly praying for you. You are truly an inspiration with your incredible strength through this process. Love to you always, Jenny S.

  2. If you don't already, you may want to try juicing fruits and vegetables. I think the no meat idea is good. You want to reduce your PH levels and make your body more alkaline. It seems meats, dairy products and "white" foods make our bodies too acidic.

    Check out for some tips. They are a bit radical (says she who loves processed foods..ahem), but the founder was cured from cancer after changing his diet so I won't say he's off-base in what he recommends.

    Best wishes!

  3. You have such a positive outlook for all you have been through. I pray for you and your continued positive outlook. Sometimes I truly believe it is mind over matter. You have so much to live for. If nothing else, those adorable kids of yours.

    May God bless you on this journey and allow you to see these just as pot holes in the road of life.


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