Friday, June 11, 2010

A Lot Can Change in 4 Years, But the Important Things Don't

Yesterday, Joe and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. How did we celebrate you may ask. Let's see, Joe was working a 24 (actually a 48, still haven't seen him), I was working our garage sale with Erin, and eventually when one of us (darn it, it was Joe) remembered it was our anniversary lovely sentiments were sent via text message...

Joe: Happy Anniversary! I loave you! Are we rich yet? (inquiring about the garage sale).

Me: Happy Anniversary to you too! Not rich yet, but I sold our crappy broken mowers to our neighbor!

Nice, huh?

Lately, we have been thinking a lot about our life together since we were married in 2006. The first year and a half was picture perfect newlywed life. We got married, moved to SC, had a brand new house built and moved in, got a boat, had really fun friends that we loved hanging out with, generally just enjoyed life together, and got pregnant with our first little bundle of joy. Everything was going great! We seriously could not imagine things getting any better (unless we some how became the recipients of copious amount of money to pay off our debt).

The past 2 and a half years have been equally filled with love, but have definitely not been picture perfect. And the last year has been the most stressful of all. A year ago I had my miscarriage, followed by a ridiculously crazy pregnancy, and after Will's birth things did not get any less stressful.

We were looking at pictures on the computer the other night, and noticed a DRASTIC change in the pictures of us before Julianna's birth (we looked young, extremely happy and awesome if I do say so), after Julianna's birth (we looked older and although extremely happy, not quite so awesome) and after Will's birth (we look really stinkin old, still extremely happy, but definitely not awesome...haha!). People joke that their kids aged them, ours REALLY have!!!

Our kids are the best things since sliced bread, but boy oh boy they can cause you to pack on the grey hairs, lose your hair, gain weight, lose weight, quit taking the time to make yourself look awesome on a daily basis (ok, like ever), and generally quit caring about yourself as long as they are happy, healthy (as healthy as can be), and loved.

Although A LOT has changed in the 4 years we have been married, there are 3 important things that have not...I love Joe...he loves me...and we are still extremely happy.

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  1. Oh, I don't even try and compare the pictures anymore. I think we began to age the moment we were told "triplets" and it has just continued. We have to start putting ourselves back to the top of the list (okay, somewhere in the top few). Happy Anniversary Lindsay & make a great couple and a beautiful family!!


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