Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm Domestic

I am the 1950's June Cleaver type. I make a hot breakfast for my kids & hubby every morning(so what if most mornings it's frozen waffles & turkey bacon). There isn't a speck of dirt in my house by 10am every morning (there's a bazillion specks of dirt). I make all the beds every day (sometimes I straighten the blankets just before I go to bed at night). I bake yummy delicious treats and wear cute aprons when doing it! (this one's completely true!) I clip coupons and get groceries for practically nothing (I'm still working on this one). I have a garden and freeze veggies for the winter (I totally just mooch veggies from my in-laws' family garden). There is hardly ever any piles of dirty laundry in the house (mostly because Joe does the majority of the laundry...I think he actually likes doing laundry...and I put it away...there's lots of piles of clean laundry). There are lots of other wonderful SAHM things I do (almost).

My goal for this summer was to start doing all the things I had always dreamed I would do if I got to be a SAHM. I wanted to become more stay-at-home-momish. I guess it just takes baby steps. But I really am the 1950's June Cleaver type at heart.


  1. YOU GO GIRL!!! I have come to terms with my SAHM wishes....I am awful at it! haha But, I still hold out hope... Good luck to you, June!!

  2. I am with you 100% It may sound weird to others but I get a sick pleasure from most of the things you just listed...However, like you I am working on it.... :o)



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