Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chunky in Theory

Will had an appointment with the pediatrician today. Since he was so far behind in weight and development at his 2 month check-up, she wanted to see him again at 3 months. She was very pleased with him. And said that whatever we are doing we should keep it up, because he is doing amazingly compared to how far behind he was just a month ago.

One of the main things she wanted to keep an eye on was his weight. We've been really concerned about it too. I was having a rough time forcing 2-3 oz of breast milk into him each feeding, and then 2 weeks ago I forgot to thaw some milk overnight and was forced to give him a bottle of formula. He finished 4oz with almost no effort at all! I decided to just switch him to formula and he now drinks 4-6 oz each feeding...which about doubles what he was taking in before!

Today he weighed in at a whopping 11lbs 10oz! That's a gain of a pound and a half since he saw Dr. Awesome 2 weeks ago! He is also within a few ounces of where Julianna was at the same age (hers adjusted of course). She was getting chunky by this time, so you would think he would be getting chunky too. I convince myself that he is getting little fat rolls in his thighs, but then something like putting him next to his cousin (who's just 3 weeks older) reminds me he's just chunky in theory.

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