Sunday, May 2, 2010

No Time For Blogging

Finally a few minutes to post. Will's first week home went WONDERFUL!! The transition from 1 kiddo to 2 was really smooth. The only thing I struggle with, is finding time to pump without one or both kids screaming (or in Julianna's case, getting into something she shouldn't). We have gotten into a pretty good schedule and things are getting easier every day. Amazingly, Will sleeps really well at night, a huge difference from Julianna's first week at home!

Monday, Will saw Dr. M for his first well baby check-up. He weighed 7lbs 8oz and had grown a whole inch since birth! She was very pleased with how he is doing. Then on Wednesday, Will saw Dr. S (one of his heart surgeons) for a quick follow-up on his surgery. Basically, he just looked at Will's incision to make sure it was healing well. At that appointment he weighed in at 7lbs 9oz...HE'S GAINING WEIGHT! I am hoping that by his appointment with Dr. Awesome on Tuesday he will have surpassed his birth weight. A friend of mine posted on FB that she was putting away all her sons newborn clothes. I laughed because newborn things are still big on my 5 week old little man!

Since things were going so well we decided to spend the weekend at our camper. Both kiddos did really well and it was fabulous to have a relaxing weekend. We really needed the time to just relax and have nothing to do or anywhere to be. We grilled hot dogs and yummy BBQ chicken, sat outside in the beautiful weather Friday, and just had a good time as a normal little family.

I am hoping to get back to my normal frequent posting soon. I miss writing about all our ordinary things. Just to hold everyone over until my next post (because who knows when that will be) here's some pics of my adorable kids from this week.

He's getting a little bit of his chubby cheeks back!

Julianna has decided she wants to pick out her own clothes and hairbows, amazingly she does really well matching!


  1. haha, I am the friend that posted about NB clothes! If it makes you feel better, most of them got put away because Mason is so long (he was 21in at birth). I can't wait for you to meet him, he's completely opposite of Anna's chunky butt!

    Oh & the only way to get Anna dressed these days is to let her choose, fun fun! She is NOT good at matching, lol.


  2. I KNEW you would be great as a mommy of 2!!! I never had a doubt!

    Lauryn is the same...has to dress herself :o) and she is not so good at the matching thing :o)

    Yay for great nighttime sleeping :o) Makes the world of difference when the olnly reason to get up is a feed and then its back to sleep :o) The grils are consistantly going 5-6 hr stretches most nights...very nice feeling :o)

    Glad he is gaining weight for you :o) baby steps right now :o) So, How much is little man eating per feed are you pumping in order to monitor intake??? Your still fortifying BM?? Sorry if Im annoying you with Q's? And now worries the girls are 7 weeks now and NB can still be rather big and its still preemie pants :o) Will is doing FAB!

    Your kids are both perfect and adorable and I cant wait for the frequent ordinary stories :o) I enjoy reading your blog!!! I cant wait for the Will and the girls to finally meet :o)


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