Wednesday, May 26, 2010

9 Pound Smiles

Will had his follow-up with Dr McC, who did his pyloric stenosis surgery, today. The appointment was pretty quick (well, we waited 40 minutes to see him and saw him for about 40 seconds). Will is healing nicely, but the best part was that he now weighs 9lbs! I was hoping to see 8.5lbs, so 9 made me really happy! That means he is so close to gaining the half a pound a week that Dr Awesome and Dr M want him to (he gained 1lb 2oz in 2.5 weeks).

This week, he started coo-ing. He loves to talk now, and we have very deep conversations (politics, environmental issues, stuff like that). We also got his first real smile yesterday (you know the kind your parents won't say must be gas). I tried so hard to get a good picture of him smiling, but with Julianna trying to jump in front of me to see him and me trying to get him to smile while taking a picture, this is the best I could get. But I think it's GREAT!

Will smiles!


  1. Lindsay he is so beautiful! So glad to hear he is healing well and on the road to recovery! Can't wait to have his playmate soon :)

  2. What a great picture Lindsay, he is so cute!!


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