Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

We spent this past weekend at our camper and it was so nice and relaxing. We grilled for dinner every night, Julianna went swimming, I got to see my cousins that live in NC, we had a cookout with Joe's family and we ended it all with the annual Memorial Day parade in my hometown. I've only missed 1 parade there my whole life and that was when we lived in SC.

Today's parade had to battle some not so pleasant weather, a pretty good storm blew in about half an hour before the parade started. We didn't let that ruin our fun though. We put down the seat in the trailblazer, put a blanket in the back and had our lunch there during all the rain.

Joe and Julianna enjoying ham & cheese sandwiches.
Julianna still eating while I checked the weather on my phone.

During the parade, the rain calmed to just a drizzle.

The kiddos hanging out in the dry car.

The weather didn't bother Will at all.

We tried to tell Will he's too young for candy, but he didn't believe us.

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