Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pool Girl

Julianna made it very clear while on vacation that she HATED the beach. We would take her down to the beach and she would grab and cling to us for dear life so we couldn't set her in the sand. If we managed to pry her from our bodies, she would lift her feet up, even above her head, to keep from touching the sand. She didn't like the ocean any better than sand.

She did, however, LOVE the pool! She loved getting thrown into the air and then splashing into the water.

She would laugh and splash when we would hold her.
And it didn't even have to be the big pool. We blew up a kiddie pool for her and Ellie on our covered deck and they were happy as clams (see both laughing hysterically below).
Needless to say our vacation at the beach ended up being a vacation at the pool-next to the beach.

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