Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bucket Seat

On Father's Day, after visiting Joe at the fire station, Julianna and I went to Joe's parents for a cook-out. She got to do all kinds of fun stuff including riding in the mini Model-T car with her cousins and riding in the bucket of her Uncle Daryl's tractor.
She really enjoyed riding around the yard and up and down their small street (they live on a dead end with only one other house) with Aunt Steph and Marissa.
She can't wait for her next ride! Now the question in Joe's family is, will she be a John Deere green girl or an Allis-Chalmer's orange girl?


  1. As a OSU Extension Professional, Farm Safety Advocate, and Tractor Safety Instructor i have to say that is incredibly unsafe and dangerous!! As a farmer, family member, and risk taker, I want to ask when is my ride!!

  2. In my professional capacity i have to say that the activity you are partaking in is incredible dangerous and I would caution that there is one seat on the tractor and that can only mean 1 person on the tractor!! As a cousin and risk taker i defiantly have to say thats really cool and looks like fun! Also as i read, Julianna needs to make a hard choice that could be with her for the rest of her life.... the decisions needs to be Allis-Chalmer's orange! It would work on both sides of the your family by the sounds of it!


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