Monday, June 15, 2009

I Really Do Still Love You!

Saturday was my very best friend Jenny's bridal shower and bachelorette party. Spending a whole day thinking about her and her going-to-be-gorgeous wedding made me start to think about when Joe & I got married, and then it hit me...

Our 3rd anniversary was last Wednesday...and neither one of us had remembered it. We had both forgotten about our anniversary amidst the busy week we had. I called Joe while he was at work and told him happy anniversary...his response was something like "oh crap...I forgot...Happy're not mad are you?"

Of course I wasn't mad I had forgotten as well (I should have pretended to be in order to get some good butt-kissing out of him). We wondered if it was normal to forget you anniversary so early on...I mean I think you're technically "newlyweds" until you've been married 5 yrs or something like that...and here we were already forgetting things as though we've been married 20 yrs.

We decided it was a good sign. That we are so happy being married that we don't need to remember little things like anniversaries....but from now on we would try to remember. We are planning on going out for an anniversary dinner sometime next week...but we'll probably forget that too.


  1. I you need a sitter, we can watch Julianna!

  2. The year we had our 3rd anniversary I actually put it on the wrong date on the calendar. Our anniversary is May 11 and I wrote it on the 15th. Ooppps! I only realized it because the 15th was a Sunday that year and I knew our anniversary had been on a Tuesday the year before. I thought- "How in the world did we go from Tuesday to Sunday?" and that's when I realized I'd marked it on the wrong date!


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