Tuesday, June 9, 2009

On Broadway!

To give my parents a break from all the kids while on vacation, we decided to take them to Broadway at the Beach down in Myrtle Beach (Ocean Isle is only about 30-40 minutes north of Myrtle). We spent a few hours shopping, feeding the fish & ducks, riding rides from the "Pavilion", and eating at the Hard Rock Cafe. By the time we went to lunch, ALL the kids were so tired! Julianna was falling asleep eating, but just wouldn't let herself go to sleep. It was a fun day, and it tuckered the kids out so much they all slept for several hours!

Julianna loved the bear outside the Foxworthy Store.
Joe was on baby duty while Ian rode the teacups.
Ian loved the teacup ride-one of the rides they moved when the "Pavilion" closed a few summers ago.
Woohoo, check out those beach bodies!

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  1. Super fun pictures. Love the beach...and beach pictures are the best. I love the footprint picture!


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