Sunday, October 23, 2011


Last Sunday, I wasn't the only one super excited for a long awaited reunion.

I could barely peel Julianna off of me in order to hold Will :o) It was so wonderful to see my kiddos again (it had been over a month and a half!)...I of course was excited to see Joe and my sister too, but seeing my kiddos was the best!

On Tuesday, we all went to the Houston Zoo.  And everyone enjoyed it.  The weather was gorgeous for going to the zoo...only a high of 75!

On Wednesday, we drove to Galveston to see the Gulf, but it was freezing that day, apparently the weather man was wrong when he said 70, because WeatherBug on my phone said 62 and it was SUPER windy!  I did put my feet in the water, but we didn't stay very long.

Sadly, Thursday and Friday were spent at the hospital having testing done and meeting with Dr Z, so we didn't go do anything fun, but we did uphold our Halloween tradition (another post). 

Saturday, morning we went to breakfast and then it was time for Joe, Erin & the kids to load up and head back to the airport.  Julianna was very good about the whole thing until I started buckling her into her carseat.  At that point it was an absolute meltdown, her first, then me.  I knew saying good bye would be hard, but even trying to prepare myself didn't work.  I sobbed like a baby.

I'm holding out hope that when I meet with Dr Z on Tuesday I will have a break before I start a new trial and can come home for a break.  He did also tell me that he will try his hardest to make sure I get to go home for Thanksgiving.  I really like Dr Z :o)


  1. I have been following your story through Melissa Sandor & you are by far the most amazing & bravest women. I pray for you & your family all the time. God Bless you & im praying for some good news for you to come x

  2. Lindsay I have been praying everyday for you and the family. I ran across this site and I thought it might be something you would be intrested in for Will and Julianna
    its you can send them a picture of you and they will make a dolly wit you on it!!
    BTW does Julianna still play with the kitchen stuff you made her?


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