Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Long Time No Writing

I know, I know, its been forever since I've posted.  Its a good thing though.  I have been enjoying my time at home so much that I just haven't gotten on the internet.  I check Facebook on my phone, but today is the first time I have used my laptop since February.

So what's been going on since my last post?  I have been doing really well actually!  Ok, so I have the nasty side effects of my chemo, but they are much more tolerable here at home than if I was in Texas.  Thanks to Joe and my sister, we were able to find an oncologist here at home that was willing to work with Dr Z.  So I have been seeing Dr G since I've been home.  He's very aggressive with my treatments and keeps a close eye on my counts (which completely bottomed out about 2 weeks ago).  I really like him!

I have also gotten a port.  Its basically a permanent IV access just under my skin on my chest.  It saves my poor veins from more damage, but it was definitely not fun having it placed.  Its finally getting less tender and not as painful to have it accessed.

The best news of all...I went back to Texas for scans and to see Dr Z last month and my scans showed a dramatic improvement in my tumors!  2 lymph nodes that were so large you could see the bumps had shrunk back to normal and you can't see or feel them anymore!  It was definitely an exciting trip to Texas (short too...only 3 days!).

The kids have been doing great, they like having mommy home, even if I am just sitting and watching them play.  Julianna has been doing great at school and at her physical therapy.  Will...well Will is a maniac.  :o)  He is all boy and does everything at 90 miles per hour.

I am so glad to be getting treatments here at home, I love seeing Joe and the kids every day!

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  1. Oh that's so good to know! I didn't gather all of that from your FB updates. Better to be home with the fam doing your own thing as much as possible while you're going through treatment ;) If you want me to come visit, you know how to reach me. If I don't hear back from you I will be eating your jar of honey I'm holding on for you. haha!


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