Thursday, February 2, 2012

Finally...Some Good News!

On Tuesday, I got the best news I have gotten since May.  My CT scan showed all my tumors have gotten smaller after just one round of chemo!  One tumor that was in a muscle has even completely disappeared!  None of the fluid build up I was having is returning.  And my blood levels have all returned to a normal level (still low normal, but normal).  The only negative news I got was that 1 tumor is not responding to the chemo and has grown.  3 weeks ago it was a 10 cm and Tuesday's scan showed it has grown to just over 12 cm.

This has pretty much stumped Dr Z.  So he decided he wants a biopsy of it to get a better idea of what we're dealing with.  Unfortunately, the soonest I could get in for a biopsy was next Wednesday, so that means another week here in Texas.  The biopsy will be next Wednesday, I'll spend Thursday just relaxing, Friday I'll see Dr Z and then hopefully fly home on Saturday.  That would give me about a week and a half before I have to be back in Texas again.

I was also finally able to get my second round of chemo yesterday.  After some major scheduling disasters I finally got in and got started.  I'm glad its over.  I'm feeling relatively good today, just a little yucky.  I was going to walk to the grocery store, but started the walk and realized I just wasn't up to it, so my wonderful mom went by herself.  We are in desperate need of groceries considering we thought we'd be flying home today.

The other big thing happening this week is that Will has a cardiology appointment today.  I really wish I was there for it, I get so nervous for his appointments since Dr P said its just a matter of time before Will will probably need another surgery for his coarctation.  I'll be on pins and needles all day until I hear from Joe.

I also have to say how proud I am of Julianna.  Since she turned 4, she has not cried a single time she has been dropped off at school.  She told Joe today that only 3 year olds cry when they go to school.  4 year olds are big kids and don't cry.  She is growing up so fast! 

I miss both my kiddos so much, but knowing this chemo is working makes things much easier this time around.  I think knowing things are finally going in the right direction can make anything seem better.

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