Wednesday, August 31, 2011

1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

Yesterday was a bit of a surprising day for us.  Starting last Thursday, I began having some pretty bad back pain.  It was muscle aches and pains because I could feel all the muscles tense up.  I had a knot the size of a baseball form on the left side.  I assumed it was because I am now walking on my left leg and using muscles I hadn't used in 6 weeks. 

After a few nights were I was in so much pain I didn't sleep at all, a call was made to Dr H to see if he could prescribe me some kind of muscle relaxer.  He wanted to see me first and re-evaluate all my meds, so we made the trip to see him yesterday.  After he looked at my "knot" he ordered a STAT MRI to rule out a tumor before prescribing me anything.

About an hour after my MRI I got a call from Dr H.  The "know was not muscle, it was a tumor.  Not only do I have a rather large tumor next to my spine, but it is rapidly growing and the cancer was spreading from just my pelvis up my spine.  And did I mention the reason it was so painful is because it resting on a nerve that comes off my spinal cord and wraps around my waist to just above my bellybutton.  What's up with these tumors sitting on nerves?!?!?!  Not a fun afternoon.

Since we already have everything booked for our trip to Houston, the plan of attack for the tumor had to be quick.  So today I met with my radiation oncologist, Dr L and he mapped out a treatment plan And I start radiation on it tomorrow afternoon (in addition to the radiation I am already getting).  We are going to pack the whole treatment into 5 days, I'll get my last treatment the morning we leave for Texas.  Both Dr H and Dr L believe that radiating this tumor will have the best effect.  If it were to be allowed to continue to grow it would begin compressing my spinal cord which would be very bad.

Once again, pain has saved me from what could have been a much worse situation.  Although, I would really like for a different symptom next time I need tipped off about something.  So that is why my Tuesday was so bad.  I feel like I take one step forward and cancer kicks me and sends me back 2 steps.  I truly believe that I will frond the answers I am looking for in Texas.  And I am very eager to get there and see what they have to say.

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  1. ugh! I don't even know what to say, except you have an awesome attitude of courage about it and we'll just have to pray that God will bless all the doctors are doing for you and snuff out the cancer once and for all!


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