Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Taking Over For Me

While my back has been getting worse over the last few weeks, Joe has really stepped up and been the most amazing husband and father ever!  He does all the housework, all the meal planning, grocery shopping, laundry (even washed a load or two of cloth diapers!), cooking, takes care of the kids, arranges for other people to watch the kids while he's at work, and so much more!  He is hands down the best husband and father I could ever ask for!  I am truly thankful for him!

But on top of all that he has even stepped up in the photo department.  He knows how much I love to take pictures of the kids and it has been hard for me to do it while laid up on the couch, or zonked out from meds, so he has taken over in that area too.  It really means a lot to me that he has picked up the slack with my camera because I don't want to miss a thing!

I thought I'd share a few of the great pictures he has taken of Will lately (I'll post pics of Julianna on another day), so you too can see how great he's doing!

I love my hubby!

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