Thursday, December 30, 2010


What happens when a boy hopes that someday he'll marry a one-of-a-kind girl?  Joe gets a wife that has a cancer that no one in the world has ever had the same way.  Haha!  I am finally feeling up to spending a few minutes blogging again so I thought I'd share a little about my one-of-a-kind cancer.

Neuro-endocrine tumors are not unusual.  They are actually (and THANKFULLY!!!!!) one of the most responsive types of cancer to treatment.  But mine...mine is not normal.  Normally you would find a tumor (hence the name) and then see where it may have spread.  I however, have no tumor.  They cannot find one.  They've looked and looked and still no tumor.  My cancer is all in my bone marrow (not the normal place for this!).  Being in the bone marrow is what led to my initial diagnosis of leukemia.  But after test after test and scan after scan, they realized it was not leukemia but this other type of cancer...just not like it would normally be seen.

One of my doctors (I have so many, I don't have cool names for them yet), said he spent literally hours looking for another case like mine from anywhere in the world and could not find one.  The doctors are still searching for a tumor (looking everywhere!), but are treating me as though they have already found it. 

So that's what happens when a boy wishes for a very special girl someday.  Moral of the careful what you wish for...heehee...JUST KIDDING!

While I was in the hospital I was pretty hopped up on drugs and I literally do not remember almost a whole week...but during that week I do remember insisting that Joe take the kids to the fire department Christmas party to see Santa (since it's such a small group).  Here's the kids with Santa...Thank you for taking them Joe!


  1. You're one of a kind, Linds! I know there are better ways to be "one of a kind" though :) Glad to hear you in good spirits and you're a good writer. Lots of people are aware and praying for you and the family.


  2. So good to hear from you and thanks for sharing about your cancer. I admit to googling and was trying to figure it out,now I know why I was not finding much. :p I will be praying you continue to feel better.


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