Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Update on the Kiddos

Quick update...Will's cardiology appointment went really well...so well, that he doesn't need to go back until April!  All the concerns we've had recently Dr Awesome explained are not an uncommon thing when the weather turns colder.  He said we'll probably notice the color change and temperature change even more as it gets colder, but unless its accompanied by breathing issues, sleeping too much, or starts eating less then it isn't a major concern.  His blood pressures were good and so was his EKG.  YAY!

Julianna also got her custom "butterflies" today (aka braces).  They are not at all what I was picturing.  They are much bulkier than the ones we've been borrowing and are bright purple!  I wanted a fun color for her, but that was when I thought they were smaller.  There will be no missing these when she wears dresses, haha!  And I cannot find her shoes to wear with them!  All the shoes I find are way to narrow to fit the braces in.  Guess we'll be looking for some wide width shoes in the next few days.

All in all, today was a great day for my kiddos!  I am so appreciative of every one's prayers for both of them!  THANK YOU!

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  1. That is so wonderful to hear that Will's appointment went really good. So, Julianna got her new braces. How did she do with wearing them today? Are they just having you do an hour each day to begin with? As for shoes. If she gets approved for BCMH then shoes will be covered. They only had one choice for boys but they had 3 for girls. Some with pink sparkley butterfly's too. They fit perfectly over the braces. If she is not getting BCMH then you can get a good selection of wide shoes at Stride rite but theirs are more expensive or you can find wides at payless. Goodluck!! Hope this helped you out some.


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