Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kiddo Haircuts

Both kiddos got haircuts today :o)  It was Will's first and Julianna's second.  Will just had some really really long hair on top of his head.  I mean, like 3 inches long just on top.  When he woke up this morning and I thought he looked like a little old man with a really bad comb over, I decided it was time for his first haircut.  He went to Daddy's barber just like a big kid.

Here's the before (check out the shagginess above his eyes)

Here's the after (just a little trimming on top & in front)

Julianna needed a much more in depth haircut.  The first time she got her hair cut, I did it in our living room and that was over a year ago.  Her hair was just starting to look shaggy no matter what I did with it, except for pigtails...which I will so dearly miss now :o(  I didn't think she'd sit for me to do it, so she made her first trip to a salon.

Here's her before (look how long her hair was!)

Here's her after (I think she looks so much older now!)

Both kiddos look so much better and now I won't hear Julianna crying every morning "No! No! Don't brush my hair Mommy! (Ha!  she'll probably still whine).

And just because I think its a super funny picture, here's another one of will :o)  And check out there's top teeth now!

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  1. Very cute. Julianna looks adorable in her new bob cut!


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