Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nearly Complete

I am in "nearly complete remission"!!!

What does that mean?  I am technically in remission...its just not 100%.  I had an appointment with Dr H yesterday to go over all my test results and he was very happy with the results.  In December, my bone marrow was mostly cancer with a little bit of normal marrow, now, it is almost all normal marrow with just a little bit of cancer.  The cancer was very responsive to the chemo :o)

Dr H gave Joe and I two options for what to do next.  The first, was to not do anymore chemo treatments and just follow-up every 3 months to keep an eye on the last of the cancer cells.  The second, was to go through 2 more chemo sessions and then have a repeat bone marrow biopsy to see if we could get to 100% remission.  At the end of those chemo sessions I may be in 100% remission or still just nearly complete remission, but at that point I would be DONE with chemo and just do 3 month follow-ups.  We decided to go with 2 more chemo sessions and shoot for 100%!

So, I start another round of chemo on Thursday (wonder if I could get a green beer during chemo?  heehee!).  My LAST round will be April 7-9.  I think I am much more accepting of more chemo knowing I absolutely will be done with just 2 more sessions.  No wait and see how the tests go.  I also feel so relieved knowing how well the cancer responded to the chemo and to know how happy my doctor was with the results.  He also gave me some stronger anti-nausea meds since that has gotten worse with each session.

So during the next 6 weeks we'll be praying for those last few cancer cells to take a hike.  I can't wait to feel good all the time again!

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